Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Decline of the West

My friend Jill Fallon quotes from a piece in the London Daily Express by Leo McKinstry, entitled: Sold Out to Europe by Generations of Weak, Lying Leaders:
The drive by the Eurocrats to impose the Lisbon Treaty has made a mockery of democracy. The Labour Government promised the British electorate a referendum but disgracefully reneged on that pledge. . . .
The result:
WE will lose any vestige of control over our borders, our justice system and our foreign policy . . .

Our national embassies will be soon be superseded by those of the EU, while our Army will be subsumed within the new European Defence Force. EU control of all environmental policy will mean sweeping new regulations on everything from bin collections to petrol prices.

Already 80 per cent of our laws are dictated by the EU. Lisbon will make Westminster redundant as an institution, there will be a Europe-wide police force, complete with all the sinister intrusive powers of the modern surveillance state. . . .

We can be sure that the fashionable ideology of political correctness will be rigorously enforced by our European masters, crushing the rich heritage of our Christian civilisation in the name of diversity. It is no coincidence that on the very day that the Lisbon Treaty was finally ratified by all 27 member states, the European Court ruled that crucifixes had to be banned in Italian schools for fear of offending minorities.

The definition of dictatorship is the inability to remove from power those who govern us, no matter how corrupt or authoritarian they are. That is exactly what the post-Lisbon EU will be like, wielding unprecedented authority but accountable to none, insulated by privilege and riddled with abuses. . . .

But now, without even a whimper, our politicians have thrown away our democratic liberties. What is even worse, the entire saga of our relationship with the EU has been based on the cynical deception of the public by the political establishment. . . .

"The demise of a once- great nation has arrived without a vote being cast or a bullet fired.
The whole story is here.

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Dave Evans said...

Gill - how do you discern when someone is writing drivel and when it is true? You see actually less than 10% of laws are decided by Brussels and before Lisbon was ratified some right wing polemicists were saying it was 70%. Totally inaccurate but why let a few facts get in the way of a deeply held prejudice.

Apparently it is now 80%, according to your sources, and yet almost all the laws that affect me directly are most definately decided by the british parliament.

The problem I have is that the issue for you doesn't seem to be 'does this person meticulously check their facts?', but 'does what this person is saying mirror my fears and prejudices?'

Take the Global warming post. You put up a video of Christopher Monkton spouting so much nonsense - some of which was wrong, some of which was irrelvant and some of which is almost certainly impossible for anyone to check.

He is not a global warming expert - he has no scientific qualification and could not analyse any of the scientific literature even at a basic level. The one bit of science he does state in the clip is wrong and I would expect a bright child of 12 to be able to identify the mistake.

Gil - I found your book inspiring and that is the only reason I look at this blog. Now you are making me question if you ever check rigorously any of your sources.

Or is the best we can do 'I hate the same things this person does so they must be right'.