Thursday, November 05, 2009

Canceling AARP

To each his own, but I just canceled my AARP membership in light of today's endorsement of the current Health Care bill. Vanity would have kept me from joining in the first place, but the slight reduction in the motel rates caused me to override my vanity, but it's not enough to make me override my principles.

I have just joined the American Seniors Association, a very attractive alternative, cheap motel rates and all. If any of you over-55 folks out there are interested in doing likewise, the toll-free number for canceling AARP is 888-687-2277, and you can go here to look into an ASA membership -- $15 a year.


Unknown said...

".....The AARP-ASA [American Seniors Association] flap is just about the continuation of the 2008 election by other means. After all, Americans 65 and older were the only age group to support John McCain over Barack Obama on Election Day. That opposition is reflected in the generation gap in recent polling on health care, which shows a majority of those over 50 oppose the President's reforms.
But like the furious town hall attendee who amazingly shouted, "Keep your government hands off my Medicare," the CBS News story on the AARP wasn't about the truth of the health care reform debate.
It was about being against Barack Obama."

More here and here.

jill said...


I've been meaning to do this, but your post gave me the prod I needed. Now it's done.

Thanks for the links. What times we live in! Things are happening so fast, it's impossible to keep up. Every day I am shocked anew at the slow-moving collapse of Western civilization.

Thank God, I can trust the Lord of history and know that in the end whenever that may be, it will all turn out right and we will be amazed