Thursday, November 05, 2009

"The first thing I'd do ..." the candidate said.

This from James Capretta at National Review Online:
The stated number-one priority for Democrats is passage of a government takeover of American health-care. President Obama and his allies in Congress have essentially bet the future of their party on securing something radical and sweeping. Congressional leaders have set aside everything else until they can pass some version of Obamacare, and they have pledged to do whatever is necessary — taxpayers beware — to reach their goal.

But there’s apparently one thing most Democrats aren’t willing to do, even if it jeopardizes their health-care ambitions. And that’s back down on their unwavering commitment to abortion radicalism. . . .

President Obama came in to office proclaiming a new openness to the pro-life position. But that was just a lot of talk to divide the conservative coalition. Actions speak louder than words. And his administration and its allies in Congress are using every tool at their disposal to make elective abortions a part of mainstream insurance coverage.
The whole thing is here.

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