Monday, August 27, 2007

A year ago today

This weblog began a year ago. At the time, my beloved wife Liz was in declining health, and caring for her required the cancellation of my normal traveling and speaking activities. The weblog seemed a reasonable way to attend to Liz while still contributing to the work of the Cornerstone Forum and staying in touch with the Forum's friends. After bearing a great cross for many months, Liz passed away a little more than six months ago.

For the last few months, Randy Coleman-Riese and I have been working with friends in nine cities in preparation for the 2007-2008 Emmaus Road Initiative program which we began in 2005. I will shortly embark on a travel schedule that is considerably more demanding than anything I have ever attempted in the past. I hope the readers of this weblog will still find occasional reason to visit the site, to which I hope to post as often as I can. The itinerant nature of my life in the months to come, however, will probably keep me from posting as regularly as I would otherwise like.

If my upcoming travels bring me into face-to-face contact with some of those with whom I have lately been in cyber-space contact, I will be very pleased. In the meantime, I will post to this site as often as I possibly can.

Thanks for your interest in the work of the Cornerstone Forum. I feel privileged to be involved in it and grateful to those who make our work possible.


Mizz E said...

Before you set off on your travels I want you to know I've been an invisible reader of your work for many months. I would even go so far as to say your words factored into my being confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith last month, after having been an Episcoplian for 64 years.

Thank you for all you do to repair and shore up the ramparts of Christ's church.

Gil Bailie said...

Welcome home.

Scott D said...

This blog confronts challenges both vast and personal. Thank you.

Perhaps during your travels you could simply post the lecture "title of the month" for participants from the many cities to share their impressions and questions.