Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yet another way to destroy the family

This is not the only way to destroy the family.

Faced with a demographic winter even graver than many in Western Europe, Russia has found another way to destroy the family, one that, unlike the one above, promises to improve the demographics.

This from an earlier post by Bob Vischer at Mirror of Justice:
Apparently there is a huge youth organization in Russia called Nashi, sponsored by the Kremlin, that encourages its members to procreate for the sake of the Motherland. The Daily Mail reports:

Nashi's annual camp, 200 miles outside Moscow, is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters and involves two weeks of lectures and physical fitness.
Attendance is monitored via compulsory electronic badges and anyone who misses three events is expelled. So are drinkers; alcohol is banned. But sex is encouraged, and condoms are nowhere on sale.
Welcome to the Brave New World
Demographic improvement -- that is, a rise in the birthrate -- accompanied by a growing indifference to the nature and structure of the family will have consequences that may yet be unforeseen, but they are hardly likely to be happy ones.
As Liz would say, and often said: "God help us."

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