Friday, October 06, 2006

From Rome

I am in Rome at a conference at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (the Angelicum). My internet access is extremely limited and rather awkward. My presentation to the conferees yesterday was well received and gave rise to a lively discussion. For those who had not read my paper I summarized it (inadequately) in one sentence: "The ultimate success of every effort to Christianize the world will be commensurate with the personal sanctity of those making the effort." Liz later reminded me that it is important to keep in mind that "personal sanctity" is not something one can achieve. Rather it is a gift made available to those patient enough to learn how to receive it. (Liz knows about these things; take my word for it.) As the liturgy puts it: "May He (Christ) make us an everlasting gift to You."
Blessings from Rome bathed in morning light.

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