Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Girard Christmas Card...

Last year in December Peter Robinson of the National Review Online interviewed Rene Girard and posted the video on their site. Gil linked to it here on his blog at that time. When I viewed the last part of their conversation it struck me that it was a kind of Christmas card from Rene Girard (whose birth day is also Christmas day).

I've excerpted the last 5 minutes and offer it here again.

Merry Christmas!


Athos said...

A most holy and merry Christmas to you, Randy and Gil, from the 4 Mass'keteers and our good ladies. And may we all have a "drama-free" time with family, friends, and perfect strangers! Cheers

David Nybakke said...

I second Athos in wishing you, Randy and Gil, a "drama-free" Christmas.

Parabolico said...

great interview .. thank you Gil!!

last words: did I listen to correctly?
"life has a religious history and is an event to rejoice with God"

Parabolico said...

better to look at:
Peter Robinson: No expectations? All right. Now, the ordinary Christian is not going to read every word of the Girard Reader or every word of your many books. Can you sum up?
Rene Girard: It is really very unimportant. He may have insights which are more profound than mine, and he should believe, and he should trust that he is a very important man for God, and that his understanding of reality as a religious history is an event that rejoices God.