Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More from the Archives...

Gil Bailie and I will be away at the Colloquium on Violence and Religion conference at the University of Notre Dame through July 4th. We will attempt to post some items from the conference if time and technological facility allow. But for my part I am posting again with an item from our archives.

The following audio player has Gil Bailie speaking to a group of supporters at Stanford University in 2002. Here as in my previous post, Gil is reflecting on his vocation. This time 13 years later you can hear some of the same themes but I think with more maturity and even greater awareness of his calling. This piece ends at a point where he is going to introduce Rene Girard. My next post will include Professor Girard's comments, also from this Stanford presentation, on Gil Bailie's place as a major exponent of his work.

And thank you to those who have kindly welcomed me to the blog I truly appreciate the thoughts.

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