Friday, March 26, 2010

Universal Health Care

This is what "joining the rest of the industrial world" looks like at close range:

HT: Pajamas Media


Mark Gordon said...

Gil, please. The bishops of the United States have been on record advocating universal healthcare since 1919. On their current website, Faithful Reform in Healthcare, the bishops write: "It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to establish a comprehensive health care system that will insure a basic level of health care for all Americans. The Federal Government should also insure adequate funding for this basic level of care through a national health insurance program." It is one thing to oppose a particular bill based on its abortion provisions. It is quite something else to align yourself with forces that reject the Catholic Social Teaching in favor of libertarian and Randian Social Darwinism.

Mark Gordon said...

My mistake on the Faithful Reform in Healthcare website. It does not belong to the USCCB, but does carry the bishop's statement on universal care.

Robert Mooney said...

Does anybody honestly think either of these:

a. This is a scientific and statistically accurate characterization of the Canadian health care system.

B. Canadians are so stupid they are willing to put up with a health care system if it is truly typically like this video insinuates.

You could expect to wait similar times in US emergency rooms for a wrist hurt skateboarding which has some numbness sometimes. You would be on the bottom of the lowest tier of the triage. And no US clinic was ever out of any vaccine. They told this guy they were out and to come back when they expected to have some. This video concluded that they didn't care about him. That is a non sequitur. Anyone could find similar horror stories in our system. Can anyone believe the ones in the video are typical and the system is tolerated? Canadians are not idiots.

A more credible argument than this video amounts to would be more fitting someone with integrity and trying to influence those who respect him.