Friday, March 26, 2010

Responsible Broadcasting . . .

Occasionally, not having a television is a handicap. Diogenes over at "Off the Record" caught such a moment.
Did you watch the women's figure-skating competition at the Winter Olympics? If you did, you saw the eventual champion, Kim Yu-Na, perform a flawless program. You also saw her warm up, talk to her coach, wave to the crowd, wait for her scores… You saw quite a bit of Kim Yu-Na.

But here's something that you didn't see, if you watched the Olympics on American television. When she took the ice for her long program, with the whole world watching, Kim Yu-Na made the Sign of the Cross.

NBC edited those few seconds out of the American telecast. To save time, I guess, so that we'd have another chance to watch the crowd applauding. 
One can't be too careful about these things. After all, children might be watching. Cut to a Viagra commercial or something.

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