Friday, February 12, 2010

Some interesting thoughts on Iran

This morning on the Corner -- a National Review blog site -- Robert Costa had a short piece (here) dealing with Newt Gingrich's thoughts about how to respond to the radical Iranian regime's push toward a deliverable nuclear weapon. Given all the hand-wringing that has been going on about that, I thought Gingrich had two very good ideas. The first of the two is refreshingly new -- at least it's new to me -- and the second one seems workable and practical.

What everyone is looking for is an alternative to a military strike, something compared with which only a nuclear Iran would be more catastrophic. In light of that, here's what Costa wrote about Gingrich's thoughts on the subject:
Gingrich has two ideas for Obama: “We should announce that any person caught on film engaged in violence against protesters in Iran will be brought to trial under a new regime. Let it be known to every Iranian security guard that they are risking their life if they go out and kill a protester.” Second, he says, “if you simply blockade Iran’s flow of gasoline, you can bring the country to a halt in 60 to 90 days, since they only have one refinery.”

Time is of the essence, Gingrich concludes. “Iran doesn’t have to deliver a weapon by some sophisticated missile, but simply could put it in a ship. These are people who will acquire nuclear weapons and will use them. Every day it gets worse and more dangerous. Nothing has changed; nothing will change, until we change the regime.”

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