Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Journalists have become the story . . .

Regardless of where you place yourself on the political spectrum, can anyone any longer deny the leftist bias in most of what I have taken to calling the Pom-Pom media? This story from FoundingBloggers has a wonderfully apt title: "Eye (Don't) Witness News." When journalistic standards are violated so brazenly, can anyone wonder why the public is turning away from the old mainstream media so quickly and in such numbers? I have blogged on this here and here and, earlier today, here, but this FoundingBloggers video points to yet another of the egregious violations of journalistic standards that are becoming so predictable.


ignatius said...

One should avoid conspiracy theories because they are usually too simplistic, but on the other hand the tendentiousness of the mass media is baffling. How can one explain the near-ubiquitous leftist media bias in a free pluralistic country? Why is there not more diversity of viewpoints among the big players?

Even if one accepts that 60s radicals were versed in the writings of Antonio Gramsci and have been taking over the media organs and universities to indoctrinate people in leftist ideology, is this an adequate explanation for the phenomenon? Is Ted Turner's orientation an adequate explanation?

I'm thankful Internet outlets give more varied information, but I regret that the other media will become increasingly irrelevant. Even if they were at their best, the older media would have a hard time competing with the web, and in their present state, well informed people will find it easier and easier to ignore the old news outlets.

I never imagined such a scenario, and I would have never thought it possible.

Athos said...

That's the great thing about mimetic theory, Ignatius: it can clarify conspiracy-like human behavior, like a near-lock step coordination tho' beyond direct communication.

IMHO, as others have pointed out, such conspiracy-like behavior is being observed and thematized by the MSM as "right-wing", as shown in the ABC news-clip. And they are certain of it. Of course, they do not see their own behavior in the same way at all.

This polarization is a hazardous and dehumanizing trait in what MT would call the sacrificial preparation. And, as Gil has described our current situation (the London Conference, I believe), it is hard to have a "melting-pot" when the pot itself it melting.