Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Robin of Berkeley

A writer who goes by the name "Robin of Berkeley" -- and who is a former liberal (isn't everyone?) living on planet Berkeley and doing her best under the circumstances -- has a touching piece here about her Christmas Eve experiences. She begins:
As a Jewish child, I never celebrated Christmas. I found out what I was missing on Christmas Eve, 1973.

My high school boyfriend Brian invited me to join his family for their celebration. The event floored me. It wasn't just the illuminated tree, the music, and the pleasure of opening gifts. It was the power of the holiday to transform Brian's ordinary family.

Laughing, singing hymns, praying -- they were absolutely radiant. I had never seen them so joyful. And in their presence, I felt joyful, too.

That was my one and only Christmas experience, and it never occurred to have another one. But this year's Christmas felt different.
It's a heartwarming story. Read it all here.

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ignatius said...

Thanks for the posting. It reminded me of something I had read a couple years ago, -someone's comment that the most pluralistic unity he had ever experienced was in a Mass at St. Peter's in Rome, where he was awed by the people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity coming together to worship. That is a precious gift of Christ to our Church.