Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Madmen with nuclear weapons . . .

Where were the adults when we needed them? Everyone except those with their heads buried in ideological sand saw this coming long, long ago.

Isn't it a shame that evil exists and that it is so impervious to high flown oratory?

The Obama administration has been played like a violin, a violin of the sort that Jews were encouraged to play in the death camps, something to cheer up their doomed companions and keep them from fully realizing what was happening around them.


Dan Florio said...

Isn't that a fake/doctored photo of Obama and Ahmadinejad? Obama's head doesn't look as if it sits on his body in a proportionate manner.

Gil Bailie said...

I have no idea. It came up on a Google search. Now that you mention it, it does appear a little strange. No stranger, perhaps, than Obama's relationship with Ahmadinejad. Given the president's penchant for embracing to his bosom thugs of sundry sorts, however, it was easy to believe it authentic.

Dave Evans said...

Amazing - does this reflect your ability to discern the truth? Clearly doctored, but anything - literally anything - negative can and is believed of Obama.

What was it Jesus said about love and what did Paul say about it?

Perhaps your post should have said it was easy for me to believe it was authentic.

Doughlas Remy said...

Gil, I recently posted a photo from Abu-Ghraib Prison on my own blogsite. The photo showed a blood-smeared floor, and I used it in connection with a post about torture. Not long after that, an expert on the Abu-Ghraib photos contacted me to point out that the blood on the floor was from a shoot-out, not from torture.

I removed the photo.

Don't you think that would be an honorable course of action for you as well? Your photo is obviously doctored and misrepresents the truth.

I can understand that you might not have spotted the obvious gross disparity between Obama's head size and his hands, but to leave the photo on your site even after these things have been pointed out to you is cynical and unconscionable.

Doughlas Remy