Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's smoke and mirrors time again.

This from Emily Buchanan, Executive Director, Susan B. Anthony List:
I regret to inform you that this morning the last pro-life Democratic holdout in the Senate, Ben Nelson (D-NE), publicly caved in to a "pro-life compromise" authored by Bob Casey (D-PA) and Harry Reid (D-NV).

This so-called "pro-life compromise" dresses up taxpayer funding of abortions with more fancy language, more conscience protections, and more federal funding for assistance to teenagers who are pregnant. The "compromise" also forces all states to carry a health care plan that does not offer abortion coverage and allows the states to "opt out" of having to carry a plan that covers abortion funding. ...

Unfortunately, the citizens of any state that "opts out" will not be exempt from paying federal taxes, which will be used to fund plans that cover abortions in other states. This compromise forces you and me, no matter what state we live in, to fund abortions, and SBA List utterly rejects it.
There are very few "smoke-filled rooms" anymore, but they've been more than adequately replaced by smoke-and-mirrors charades. This is one of them. The senators lie and babies die. Where have I heard something like that before?

Worse still, the babies don't die, nor are the killed in combat for which they volunteered, they are methodically and clinically murdered by people who make a living doing such things.

Worse still, you and I will be financing their murders.

God help us.


Rick said...

I've seen the poll. The one where only 37% are onboard for this monstrosity. I wonder how many of our 63% might "hang together" and demand to be paid in cash and no more taxes to the king.
There has to be a line somewhere. We know some will refuse and go to jail over this.
Rick F.

Robert Mooney said...

Emily Buchanan is misrepresenting the language of the bill. Any abortion coverage in plans the exchange offers will still have to be paid for by the insured out of her/his own pocket, not federal funds.

States can opt out of having any plans that cover abortion in the insurance exchanges. The opt out states will be in the same position that the House bill would create.

The Hyde bill of some years ago still prevents federal funds being used for abortions. What is at issue here is how far private funded abortion is pushed from the health care legislation.

Abortion is a grave evil and we should be vigilant about it, but hyperbole like this, which amounts to barely half-truths could prevent millions from being able to afford decent health care. That would be a grave disservice to the Gospel.

Rick said...

Taking my hard earned money, where is that in the Gospels again?
Rick F.

Robert Mooney said...

You must have one of those Cadillac heath insurance plans or make more than, what is it, $200,000 a year, or do you just believe everything you hear from the opponents of this legislation?

The Associated Press reports (of the Senate bill as it stands now):

"The Congressional Budget Office said the Senate bill would extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who lack it. It also imposes new regulations to curb abuses of the insurance industry, and the president noted one last-minute addition would impose penalties on companies that "arbitrarily jack up prices" in advance of the legislation taking effect.

CBO analysts also said the legislation would cut federal deficits by $132 billion over 10 years and possibly much more in the subsequent decade."

Rick said...

Robert, you are free to be as loosy-goosy with your money, na├»ve, or dangerously much as you like. But don’t do it with my family’s earnings and well-being. I've got mouths to feed.

Medicare is going bankrupt. I heard it straight from the President’s mouth. Now according to his math, we have to save it, and we will save it, by making the health care system much larger and efficient – even though Medicare is terribly inefficient now. And that is why it is going bankrupt. Oh, and in the meantime, we’ll be able to save 500 billion in Medicare due to these inefficiencies taken care of. Well then why don’t they prove they can do that first? Oh, and you can’t read, or even read out loud, this monstrosity before it’s voted on.

But back to the Gospel question you didn’t answer--because of course you can’t, even though you brought it up to shame me. Alright, I’ll give you “love thy neighbor as you love yourself”. Doing that. And no one knows better than than the father of this household what we can afford and can’t. And it ain’t love if it’s forced. Or stolen. You may remember the Ten Commandments. There are one or two about not coveting thy neighbor’s things. It doesn’t make it alright if he got $20,000 or $200,000 or two million dollar book deals. You have no right.

30 million Americans without healthcare. Don’t believe everything you read, Robert. My statistics show over 90% of those without it could afford it but preferred to live with their parents and drive a sports car.

Rick F.