Monday, December 21, 2009

And you thought it was about economics ...

The same people who so shamelessly bribed Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska in order to get the necessary 60 votes to pass the economically and morally devastating Health Care Bill, have been using the massive pile of stimulus dollars to pay back their political allies for their support.

Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft -- fast becoming one of the finest journalists we have -- has the story here. He quotes the Washington Examiner, which in turn cites a study by the Mercatus Center at George Washington University:
The Mercatus Center analysis also found that Democratic congressional districts received on average almost double the funding of Republican congressional districts. Republican congressional districts received on average $232 million in stimulus funds while Democratic districts received $439 million on average.

“We found that there is a correlation [relating to the partisanship of congressional districts],” de Rugy said. Her regression analysis found that stimulus funds are expected to decrease by 24.19 percent if a district is represented by a Republican.

“During the appropriations process, you're not surprised to see the Democrats are getting more money, but in this case a lot of the money we're looking at is going through HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development], or Department of Education, Department of Transportation etc. and they're following a formula,” she said. “But the correlation exists, and not only does it exist -- when you look at how much money we're talking about, it's a pretty big deal.”
According to the Washington Examiner:
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia is one of the nation's most respected economic and regulatory think tanks and has a Nobel prize-winning economist on staff. The econometric analysis was done using data provided by -- the government website devoted to tracking the stimulus data -- as well as a host of other government databases.
So, it's business as usual for the Saul Alinsky Chicago politicians who sit at the controls.

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