Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Czar and the Man-Boy Love Association

By the time the ideologues and the sexual revolutionaries get finished, public schools will have become "government" schools with all the odium associated with that term, not the least being the specter -- which has already become a reality -- of schools as centers of government-approved moral and political orthodoxy, where children are taught to regard the moral views of their parents as repugnant.

Of course it is all done under the banner of protecting students from being shunned and shamed in middle school and high school. (Can you imagine a more impossible fools errand than that?) Those shunned under the new regime are those whose religious and moral principles are officially scorned and openly mocked by their teachers and school administrators.

This is what those who whine endless about "rights" think of the rights of parents. This is what they mean when they say the word "progress." These are the waxen wings they are fashioning for the children they are coaxing into a feral, lifeless and loveless vision of conjugal love. This is the lifestyle they are encouraging, one which a mountain of undeniable social science has shown to lead to high rates depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, self-destructive behavior and suicide -- all of which is blithely ignored or explained away by its promoters, the president's new "safe-schools" czar among them. Welcome to the brave new world of our "government" schools.

Scott Baker provides background on the man president Obama chose to oversee school safety.

"Harry was appalled by the hypocrisy of a self-appointed gay establishment that would declare a section of the gay community [The Man-Boy Love Association] unrespectable. He could not contain his outrage."

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Doughlas Remy said...

Gil, this is a pretty amazing post. As you know quite well, I am homosexual, as is our mutual friend/acquaintance James Alison (Catholic theologian, author of many books on mimetic theory, active in COV&R, etc.) Are you saying that our “lifestyle” (which we would just call a “life,” by the way) leads to high rates of depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, self destructive behavior and suicide? James is rather young, and I suppose he has still got plenty of time to self-destruct. But I am a retiree living with my domestic partner in a relationship recognized by the State of Washington. Neither of us is depressed, substance-abusive, self-destructive, or suicidal, though I get bouts of what you might call “situational depression” when I read rants like the one you’ve posted. It usually passes.

This “mountain of undeniable social science” that you’ve referred to... Could you reference it for us? The American Sociological Association would probably like to know about it.

I was raised in the South in a racist family. My parents supported David Duke, and I strongly suspect my father had affiliations with the KKK. When I went to public school, I was taught that racism was wrong. This put my parents in a very bad light, I’m afraid. Maybe that is just part of taking responsibility for one’s beliefs.

BTW, I do not support the man-boy love association, but I should not have to point that out, any more than you should have to clarify that your being a heterosexual male does not mean that you support pedophilia.

Once more, you have conflated my sexual orientation with the most outrageous and anti-social forms of homosexuality. Rather than engage in any sort of tit-for-tat, which would be too easy, I would invite you to imagine for yourself how you might invert the terms of this entire screed. Then I think you may see it for the poisonous piece of rubbish that it is.

Mike O'Malley said...

Hello Mr. Remy! It's good to know that you visit on occasion.

You probably don't know but Canadian statistician Dr. Stephen McIntyre's latest study debunking the AGW hockey stick is currently under going peer review. You can add your two cents in for the reviewers' consideration over at Climate Audit Yamal and the Divergence Problem

I've also posted several helpful relies on AGW in the September 12, 2009 The Giant Pyramid Scheme discussion thread.

Hoping all is well ...

Unknown said...

"Many people genuinely do not want to be saints, and it is probable that some who achieve or aspire to sainthood have never felt much temptation to be human beings." 
 -George Orwell

You speak of curbing the shunning and shaming of children as a fool's errand, while mouthing words about scapegoating and ritualized forms of ostracism with every other breath.  You speak of the ideological certitude of the state in regards to the terror of a government run school system, while failing to see the repugnance of your own ideological certitude in attempting to run the lives of others through the institutional tyranny of a church that sodomizes little boys and shuffles its priests from parish to parish to avoid criminal prosecution and still refuses to take more than grudging responsibility for what it's done, while it squeamishly hides from modernity and flees from any vestige of educational responsibility that could curb suffering and poverty by advocating contraceptive use in countries burdened with large populations, limited resources and unprotected sex among people who would rather risk the dangers of AIDS than live celibate lives.

You speak of the scorn and ridicule that would be directed at religion under a new regime without the slightest self reflection about the reasons and the motives for that ridicule while you continue to show thinly veiled contempt and outright bigotry for anyone who doesn't act or behave the way you think they should.  You seem gleefully hopeful that our president will fail, and never miss an opportunity to ridicule him when you should be praying for his success which directly impacts all of us.  I'm sure the only reason you believe he's in office is because he pulled a fast one on all of us.  St. Augustine whom you seem to revere also said, "Hope has two children.  Anger and courage.  Anger at the way things are and courage to make them better."  Where is the second part of that equation for you?  You talk about high rates of depression, drug use and self destructive behavior among the young, while insinuating that eternal metaphysical torment awaits anyone who refuses God's infinite love, which you apparently reject when it comes disguised in any flawed human form.

You speak of the young living lives that are "feral and lifeless" because they don't rush instantly to the conclusion that they should renounce or tame their sexuality, or be browbeaten to death into a love they don't feel for a God they can't see, represented abysmally by those who claim to known him, or that they should part with whatever ethical constraints they have and renounce the use birth control because it compromises the oxymoronic possibility of "conjugal bliss" and the ever sacred scion of the traditional family.   Is it any wonder they're depressed?  That means they're awake.  Is there any indication they shouldn't be depressed?  Are you living on the same planet they are?  Did you ever think that depression might be the reasonable human response to the cognitive dissonance unleashed by conflicting and largely incompatible ideas? As Marc Maron says, the depressed are doing the big work.  From any sane perspective, the only difference between depression and disappointment is the level of commitment.  What are you committed to besides the illusion of your own difference?

I'm wondering how many times you'll remind us that you don't have a TV or a radio.  Is this vaunted confession of incidental restraint supposed to impress anyone with your rejection of the world?  Origen had himself castrated in a sad and savage attempt to "purify" himself.  It didn't work.  Augustine believed the source of evil was his genitals Ecce unde and ended up ditching his common law wife and her son Adeodatus to get the sexual monkey off his back and spent the rest of his life in guilt and regret for abandoning her.  That too, did not work.

Unknown said...

Part II
Today if you self mutilate to the point of causing yourself grievous bodily harm, you're put under observation for 48 hrs and pumped full of meds.  That generally does work.  The rubber room is optional.  At least you don't have to chew your way through leather straps every morning to watch TV.  But maybe if Glenn Beck is your rare viewing choice, you should reconsider.

In a recent post about some clearly crazed German artist posing desiccated human corpses in his art exhibit, you had the gall to declare that, "corpses posed in sexual acts are the final manifestation of.... the sexual revolution!!"  Boy, nothing escapes your eagle-eyed attention, does it?  I'm calling you on all of this stuff because it's absurd. Talk about nice, neat, formulaic, bat shit hyperbole. I'm sure the Donner party was the final manifestation of Easter Sunday dinner. Posing corpses in sexual positions is the first manifestation of serious mental illness.  The second manifestation of which is your attempt to form rank associations in which everything sexual is ultimately strained through your tidy little moralistic syllabus on human anthropology and turned into contempt, self loathing, outrage or fear.

I'm beginning to think that your version of the "Good News" runs something like this:  The church is holding the line against the erosion of everything which a hand full of people perpetually lost in the past hold dear.  Therefore, in keeping with its intractable, rigid and heroic stoicism in the face of reality, I'll love you when you change and feel justified in dismissing you with contempt until you do. We all know how Jesus refused any contact with prostitutes, tax collectors, drunkards, gluttons, lepers and outcasts of every sort in his own society because of the terrible reflection on his own good name and spiritual image, at least until they proved they were worthy of his love.  What an embarrassment that he should be tempted by such relentless demands on his sorely tested sense of noblesse oblige.  That particular "gospel" is almost the only one that's been preached for a long time.  Without Christ and the ministrations of the prayerful multitudes, there might be war or unnatural death or desperate people doing stupid things to offset the unremitting pain and suffering that exists in this nasty existential sargasso we so lovingly call reality.  But at least you have your priorities straight:  Barrack Obama is either the antichrist, or a close personal friend of Roman Polanski.  Universal health care is a sham no matter how many people it helps because it's still a socialist/commie baby murdering, nightmare. Stem cell research is a Frankenstein horror show destined to rob us of every last vestige of our humanity.  Environmentalism is a red herring that takes too much study to figure out and homosexuality is a filthy abomination worthy of death.  (Love the sinner and hate the sin, until you hate the sin so much you can't help but hate the lover of the sin too) All I hear in everything you say over and over again, is relentless, unequivocal, constantly regurgitated, unrepentant fear.  That's your Gospel.  When everything you've prophesied fails (and it will) I strongly advise you to listen to this washed up old drunk who bares a striking resemblance to someone you know and admire, and remember what Paul said about entertaining angels unawares.

Mike O'Malley said...

That seems a rather promising video Dean. Thanks for the link, Dean. It's almost an hour long I'll try to view it in full after I find time to view Gil's recent links.

Dean, you might want to turn down the hyperbolic rhetoric. I'm having difficulty determining to what degree your response is informed by hyperbole or perhaps malice. A man of good faith would diligently try to be fair.


Dean wrote: ... You speak of the ideological certitude of the state in regards to the terror of a government run school system ...

This is a strawman.

Dean wrote: ... while failing to see the repugnance of your own ideological certitude in attempting to run the lives of others through the institutional tyranny of a church that sodomizes little boys and shuffles its priests from parish to parish to avoid criminal prosecution and still refuses to take more than grudging responsibility for what it's done ...

Insulting? Obnoxious? It is certainly factually challenged. The Catholic Church in America did indeed have a sex abuse problem. Do you honestly think that Gil is and has been unwilling to address this problem? Mind you, it was largely introduced into the American Church by homosexual priests during the 1960s and 1970s. At the epicenter there were unfaithful homosexual Catholic clergy who were connected with the early radical homosexual "rights movement" and even NAMBLA. The problem peaked in the 1970s. Notably radical leftist nuns blocked the Vatican's efforts to determine the existence and depth of the problem in the early 1980s. Furthermore, networks of homosexual clergy were hiding the problem and protecting the guilty. And of course there was the American Psychological Association, which was telling, at the time, everyone (including frustrated bishops) that adult sexual involvement with minors would cause no lasting damage to the young victims. One can recall that the APA was still pushing that line in the late 1990s. Yet Dean you castigate the Catholic Church which had brought its sex abuse problem under control by the early to mid 1990s!

Well Dean let's test YOUR moral integrity. There is a massive sex abuse of children problem in the American public school systems today. Recent research indicates that the sex abuse problem in America's public schools is today one hundred times worse than that of the American Catholic clergy in the 1960's and 1970s (the peak years for that problem). It includes all of the elements you charge against the Catholic Church ... yet Dean, you castigate Gil for raising the issue of sex abuse in the public school system ...

Me thinks thou doth protest over much ...