Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dalrymple's secret . . .

Those of us who treasure Theodore Dalrymple's essays and commentary now know his secret:
Newspapers perform more or less the same function for me. There is always something in them to irritate me profoundly, and there is nothing quite like irritation to get the juices circulating and the mind working. Oddly enough, only the print version of a newspaper, not the online one, has this tonic effect upon me; perhaps this is a conditioned response. I am like one of Pavlov’s dogs, who salivated at the sound of a bell. I have only to hold a newspaper in my hand to feel a pleasant frisson of outrage coming on. — Theodore Dalrymple
Hat tip to Carl Olson at Ignatius Insight. This is only one of Carl's juicy quotes, here.

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