Friday, May 29, 2009

Please read these articles . . .

I write from a motel near the San Francisco airport. I just arrived from Fresno, where I did an interview this morning with the Catholic television station in Fresno. I leave tomorrow for the east coast and home.

Finally having a moment to relax, this afternoon I happened upon two articles which by pure coincidence -- or more likely providence -- I read one after the other. The experience of reading these two articles back-to-back is incredible. I urge you to find them and read them.

David Goldman has an absolutely stunning, and stunningly important, article in the current issue of First Things, entitled "Jewish Survival in a Gentile World." If you subscribe to First Things, you can access the article via the magazine's website, and if you aren't a subscriber, Goldman's article is worth the price of a subscription.

If you have any questions about its importance after you read it, by all means read Mark Steyn's article in Commentary entitled "Israel Today, the West Tomorrow." Steyn's article is here.

The theological importance of Goldman's article is stunning, as is the cultural and historical importance of Steyn's piece.

Be ready to have your worldview rearranged.

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Mike O'Malley said...

Thank you for directing me to Spengler's essay at the First Things blog, Mr. Bailie. It is an extraordinary piece. I've yet to read Mark Steyn's contribution. I may comment on both after I've read and considered Mark Steyn's Commentary article.

In the meanwhile I'll second your recommendation.