Monday, November 05, 2007

Letting her hair down . . .

This thanks to Diogenes:
Hillary Clinton visited her alma mater yesterday to let her 40-year-old feminism out for a romp in safe territory, and to soak up a little adoration in the process. This being one of the few occasions where she can relate to her audience viscerally and intuitively, we're treated to relatively spontaneous remarks, perhaps the closest we'll get to an unscripted Hillary:

Clinton began her 40-minute speech by mentioning the old rules for young women that she helped abolish at Wellesley, and of which many of today's undergraduates were unaware. Boys were allowed to visit dormitory rooms only on Sunday afternoons, and couples had to keep at least two of their four feet on the floor at all times.

"Try it sometime," she deadpanned, to big laughs.
The “it” in Senator Clinton’s witty remark unquestionably alluded to the (or a) sexual act with two of the four feet on the floor. The punch line: "try it sometime," spoken like an experienced veteran.

Even if you’re asking to be elected to the most politically powerful position in the world, and you’re determined to project an image of moral seriousness, applause lines are hard to resist. Granted.

But, if I were one of the journalists asking questions at the next Democratic debate, this is the question I would ask:

Senator Clinton, you lived in the White House when American children were subjected to a lurid exposé of sexual misbehavior in high places. In light of that experience, can you tell us what your comment to an auditorium full of mostly single women says about your views on sexual morality generally and about the moral tone you would set as the first woman president in American history?

Little do the Wellesley undergraduates realize how empty and unsatisfying life can become when lived according to the sexual morality implied in Senator Clinton’s off-handed remark.

As Diogenes put it: “Hillary’s pleasantry about the by-gone dorm days is a signal that – regardless of the verbal compromises political expedience may require in the months to come – her heart is with those who’ve said their definitive good-bye to Christianity.”

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