Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eugene Ionesco

This from the founder of the theater of the absurd:
"The Church does not want to lose her clients, so wants to acquire new members. This produces a kind of secularization which is truly deplorable. ... The world is going astray, the church is going astray in the world, priests are stupid and mediocre, happy to be only mediocre people like the rest, to be little proletarians of the left. I heard a parish priest in one church saying: 'Let's all be happy together, let's shake hands all round ... Jesus jovially wishes you a lovely day, have a good day!' Before long there will be a bar with bread and wine for Communion; and sandwiches and Beaujolais will be handed round. It seems to me incredible stupidity, a total absence of spirit. Fraternity is neither mediocrity nor fraternization. We need the eternal; because ... what is religion? what is the Holy? We are left with nothing; with no stability everything is fluid. And yet what we need is a rock."
Pretty strong stuff. Wonder who would be quoting such things?

Then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, The Essential Pope Benedict XVI, p. 281.

Have a Nicene day.

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