Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A 1938 Omen or a 2008 Opportunity?

In an earlier posting, I mentioned the name Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution. Later the same day, Sowell had a piece online analogizing, as many have, the situation we face today with what Europe faced in the 1930s. I commend Sowell's piece to you. It is here.

Another piece, by Monica Maggioni writing for the journal Foreign Policy, though it doesn't deal with Sowell's main point, nevertheless sees the situation quite differently. It is here.

These are matters well beyond my competence. I certainly hope that Maggioni is right, though I don't know what the likelihood is that Iran will be soon governed responsibly. I can't help feeling in my bones, however, that Sowell's 1938 Munich analogy is not without validity.

In either case, the price to be paid for misjudging the situation will be incalculable. Let's pray for Solomonic wisdom in high places.

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