Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pros and Rubicons

(This post is a PS to the one just below it. If you haven't seen the earlier post, you might want to take a glance at it first.)

My trusty friend and Cornerstone Forum collaborator, Randy Coleman-Riese, suggests that it will not take the unkind long to find a hook for their denigrations: a rube. Says Randy: "the Encarta dictionary defines this as 'an offensive term for somebody who is regarded as naive or unsophisticated, especially from a rural area who is not used to city ways.'"

Rustics like those from backwater places like Nazareth?

Mercifully, Randy adds this: "Is this what is meant by being a fool for Christ?"

It's perfect. It doesn't get any better than this.

What better way to (preemptively) turn the other cheek (while keeping the tongue in it) than to provide even the laziest of detractors with a pre-installed, user-friendly mockery macro. One click and it launches.

Rubicon it is.

O, we few, we happy few ...

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