Sunday, July 17, 2011

from the Archives: Famished Craving - Part 82

This excerpt picks up on the previous post about Courtney Love with Gil asking what does it mean to say, "I want to be the one with the most cake"?

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matt tavares said...

I couldn't agree more about the post-conversion potential of some of these secular figures. I also see the potential in some of my friends, who in their 20s, have the passionate hot/cold potential described in Revelation. I think the blockade for these types is the lack of acknowledgement of the cross side of life. For most of us in our early years, we're living in that invincible stage, where we think we control our own destiny to the full. I think it's fitting you mention John of The Cross, because I think it's only that dark night that has the potential to bring some of these people around. Maybe it will happen, as it appears the house of cards is falling a bit these days.