Sunday, March 27, 2011

"God is not a menace to society"

This is a YouTube video of the Pope's message (the text posted by Gil below) to the group of young people gathered at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris - referred to as the 'court of the gentiles'.

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Athos said...

I find it wryly wonderful that Benedict's proposals for equality, fraternity and liberty come from the historical foundations of the Church. They cut across the mere humanist currents of self-congratulation and justification in toppling dictators now taking place.

It is yet to seen if these currents repeated and cheered by organs of the mainstream media (WaPo, etc.) will equally applaud what Wells wrote regarding the French Revolution:

The National Convention met on 9/21/1792, and immediately proclaimed a republic. The trial and execution of the king followed with a sort of logical necessity upon these things. (VU, p. 242)

Time will tell if the anthropological depth of the Holy Father's comments of hope are understood and answered by the audience to whom he is addressing them.