Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audio Archive: The Trinity - part 1

Today I am posting an excerpt from the beginning of a series of recordings Gil Bailie made in 1994 entitled, The Trinity. In a couple of quotes from theologians Gil offers a preamble to this discussion:
The more one reflects on the mystery of the trinity the farther one seems to move from any final understanding of it. What was closed opens up, what was once understood becomes unclear. Again and again one must begin anew. Consequently, the doctrine of the trinity remains unfinished. For those confronted by it, it is an unending process of learning and suffering. By the same token however, one cannot give it up, one is never free from it. For the theologian, an understanding of the trinity is the highest and certainly the most humbling task he faces. - Jurgen Multmann
Only with the doctrine of the trinity is the historical truth of the cross given theological illumination. - Norbert Hoffman
Gil notes that the reverse of Hoffman's thought is also true; with the help of Girard's anthropological prespective, the historical truth of Christ's crucifixion on the cross allows us to see the practical implications of the doctrine of the Trinity in a new and profound way.

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