Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not Guilt but Nonentity

From my friend Giuseppe Fornari:
... the major concern of totalitarian regimes in our time has been to seek out "nonpersons" to kill with impunity; they are so much the more "nonpersons" because they are perfectly innocent, given that a capacity for moral or legal attribution is always proof of existence.
Think: Innocent Victims of Indiscriminate Terrorism ... Nonentities in the glazed eyes of the Jihadists

Think: A million unborn innocent babies a year ... Nonentities in the glazed eyes of the champions of "choice."

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Felicia Beauchamp said...

"Think: A million unborn innocent babies a year....Nonentities in the glazed eyes of the champions of "choice"."

My eyes were enormously "glazed" over when I had my abortion, it arising quite unconsciously and stupidly, from a lifetime of sexual abuse, being a nonentity and scapegoat, by my father. And of being raised in an agnostic, soul-less family that manifested many totalitarian/authoritarian tactics in its practices.

My father I assume, in order to rationalize his atrocious actions had to reduce me to an object and nonentity in order to do what he did. And being the dutiful loving daughter, I assumed his projective identification with the dedication of a child-made-scapegoat, with all of the unworthiness and gratitude I could muster as a little girl/growing adolescent. I ceased to exist in a fundamental way.

Rape/incest/sexual abuse has a way of creating a certain form of being: a "nonentity" that perceives with "glazed eyes". For the abuser, I assume and the abused. That trance has led from thousands of years ago to today, precisely where we find ourselves.

It was my experience that abortion arose out of being severely objectified, traumatized, and demeaned/scapegoated, on a daily basis. For once, I had been an individual and innocent child and had that been seen,supported and nurtured, the concept of abortion would have been an alien one as a "choice". My choice, when I did make it, felt more like a requirement as strange as that may sound. Almost a way of staying true, even loyal to my family of origin, and my assigned role. You see, I was dead inside as "me", so dead, that I could not feel the life and the innocence inside of me. That life in me had as little value as I did.

One in five women are sexually abused and this is what is only reported. Mostly incest.

When we as a culture want to get serious about ending abortion, I have a feeling we will need to examine other issues that hover around it: namely the objectification of human beings and: pornography, the sexual exploitation of women and children, the glamorization of sexual violence/overt violence in media, prostitution, successful and realistic criminal disposition of pedophiles and rapists. And that is just the obvious tip of the iceberg.

What occurs to me is that ending abortion will be more about how men and women deeply, lovingly commit to perceiving life, w/out viewing women and girls, all children, in a way that removes any "nonentity" status that may occur with "glazed" eyes. And this would also pertain to the the children propagandized by Jihadists as well.