Friday, July 23, 2010

This is how it happens.

 LEERDAM, The Netherlands - 23/07/10

Three paintings depicting pigs have been pre-emptively removed from a hospital in Leerdam because they might offend Muslims.

One patient, not actually himself a Muslim, made a complaint about the paintings because he wanted to avoid Muslims having confrontations with the pigs. The leadership of the healthcare institution, the Linge Polyclinic, thereupon decided to remove the paintings immediately, Algemeen Dagblad newspaper reports.

The artist, Sylvia Bosch, is astounded. "One week earlier, I had an e-mail from the clinic saying that they were getting nice reactions. After a single complaint, they had to be taken away immediately."

The Linge Polyclinic has stated that the pictures were removed because "all visitors must feel comfortable in the institution".
Thanks to (who else?) Robert Spencer.

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Kevin said...

OK, this is nuts. It would seem that Bill Maher may have the right idea. Recently he said that you [meaning anyone but in particular Muslims] can live here but there are a few rules. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Western freedom:
You can't beat women - not negotiable
You may not kill an artist for drawing a picture - not negotiable.
and many other things of that ilk.

Perhaps it is time to look for new allies in the fight against some of this stuff. Surely I don't agree with Mr. Maher on most things but there may be some common cause to make with those who see things as dangerous and destructive to liberty.

Food for thought.

Ad Astra Per Aspera,