Friday, July 02, 2010

From Notre Dame University

 The Colloquium on Violence and Religion
Notre Dame University

If one has to be taken to the woodshed, it's a privilege to be taken there by a giant in his field, which is what happened to me today. My old friend, Fr. David Burrell, who held the Hesburgh Chair of Theology and Philosophy at Notre Dame and who is a man of extraordinary gifts and a lifetime of accomplishments in the fields of philosophy and theology, took the opportunity of our meeting at the COV&R conference to try to convince me that my concerns about radical Islam were overwrought.

I hoped he would succeed, for I would love nothing more than to cease being a source of irritation to my friends who see the world much as David does. We had a most animated conversation and we parted better friends than ever, but -- alas -- he did not succeed. But I have promised David that I will let his words continue to resonate and, Mary-like, bear all these things in my heart. 

Meanwhile, the conference has been a delight, filled with formal and informal opportunities for rich conversation and mutual exploration. Randy was able to attend the conference as well, which gave us a chance to do some Cornerstone Forum planning. The upshot of our conversations is what I hope will be an interesting new addition to what we are doing.

More of that anon.


the other Gil said...

Every Christian is baptized into being priest, prophet and king. It has been my experience that the baptismal gift of prophesy is the one that is most regularly side-stepped; that because when one speaks with a prophetic voice, like prophets of old, persecution follows, most often from members of one's own community.

Randy Coleman-Riese said...

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