Friday, April 23, 2010

P.S. to Ontario story below

A quick follow-up on the post below, from LifeSiteNews:
After intense criticism in recent days, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced this afternoon that he has decided to delay implementing the government's controversial and explicit new elementary sex ed curriculum.
Congratulations to those who voiced "intense criticism."

As for the continuing assault by the state on the responsibility of the mother and father for the moral education of their child. Here's a typically complex but richly insightful passage from Philip Rieff:
We are in the age of pseudo-sensibility, not least because our moral revolutionaries are bound, according to their own implicit theories, only to amoral forms. Pseudo-sensibility is easily comprehended; it is the modern talent for acting out the condition of being deeply touched -- hurt and/or healed -- when in fact nothing can touch the actor deeply; he is continually retraining his sensibility from the outside in, for every moral form is a form of inwardness. The pseudo-sensibility of the modern moral revolutionary, based as it must be on amoral forms, constitutes what used to be called "hypocrisy," raised to the status of a science of self and other.
Moral revolutionaries in a transgressive mode: All the drama of a moral struggle in service to the principle that all moral codes subserve individual "choice" and must not constrain it in any way.  Moral posturing in the service of an amoral -- which is to say, doomed -- social order. Push-back in Ontario is most welcome.

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