Monday, April 05, 2010

The Pompom Media reaches for a Torch

Easter in the eyes of the state-run media.

Click the link, said the MSNBC Facebook site, "to see pictures of Easter observances and celebrations from around the world." And just below that message is this image:

Fair and Balanced
What nuance! What moral clarity! What journalistic courage!
What a contribution to public understanding!

Hat Tip: Newsbusters


Gordon said...

I doubt the people at MSNBC are sophisticated enough to realize that a Klansman is about as likely to march in front of a Catholic crucifix as in front of a star of David? Hey, it's all about feeding the narrative.

Robert Mooney said...

One of This blog's favorite scapegoats has "co-opted" it again. I would think there is more to do to spread the good news than pound the shabby media so often. Name calling is usually a hint of scapegoating. I recommend against it even though the media is so often guilty.

Rick said...

"I recommend against it.."

You'd like that, wouldn't you.