Monday, March 15, 2010

Who would have thought?

It certainly appears that Mr. Obama's old friends -- Rev. Jemimah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi and others, all anti-Semitic enemies of Israel -- had a lasting influence on him.

Who would have thought?
Kenneth Blackwell writes:
Vice President Joe Biden says the Palestinians deserve a state. He has traveled to the Mideast to press the Israelis to surrender more territory more quickly to what has been termed the Palestinian Authority. The Obama administration is giving $900 million of our money to the Mahmoud Abbas regime on the West Bank of the Jordan River, supposedly for "humanitarian" causes. This administration went out of its way to avoid being seen as "meddling" with Iran, but it shows no such restraint with Israel. Meanwhile, the Palestinians go on naming schools for suicide bombers and coaching their children to emulate these bombers. But somehow they are viewed as "partners" in the mythical peace process.

The Obama administration's position is that Israelis should withdraw from the West Bank and leave the entire regions of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians -- all in the interest of a comprehensive Mideast peace settlement. What happened when Israel did evacuate from Gaza? Hamas promptly took over.

Have President Obama, Vice President Biden or Secretary Clinton ever stopped to ask why is it in the interest of the U.S. to foster a Judenrein on the West Bank? That terrible word -- which comes to us from the time of the Holocaust -- means a region cleared of Jews. We need to understand that Jews have lived in this region since biblical times. If Jews have no right to live in Judea and Samaria, why do they have a right to live in Tel Aviv, which was founded only in the early 20th century?  
The idea that Israel can swap land for peace is the geo-political equivalent of bell-bottom pants. It has been so thoroughly mocked by history that any use of that fantasy today is morally irresponsible. 

As for the myth that the hatred of the Jews is simply the reaction against the founding of the state of Israel -- the "occupation" -- PLO terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat reminds us of this in an interview he gave recently.
"It is the political agenda of these [Islamic] governments that we need to be aware of and not just the military apparatuses," Shoebat said.

He said the creation of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood – and all the terror it sponsors – was spawned by the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

"In 1924, the Caliphate was dismantled by the West, and this is why Muslims hate the West. Americans don't understand why Muslims hate us so much. In 1928, four years later, the Muslim Brotherhood was born. This is the umbrella of all the Muslim terrorist organizations," he said.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother, and it was established four years after the dissolution of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. This really answers the whole question when people ask about the roots of Islamic terrorism," he said.

"They ask if it's because we invaded Iraq or because Israel occupies their territory. That's not true, because in 1928, there was no occupation of Iraq, and there was no occupation of 'Palestine.' This Islamic movement has never ceased to attempt to establish a Shariah hegemony in that region," he said.

So what's going on at this point?

"So we see now the metastasizing of the Muslim Brotherhood into all parts of the Muslim world from Algeria to Syria to Lebanon to Egypt everywhere, even in the United States of America," Shoebat said.

"All the Islamic organizations in the United States of America, no exception, are branches of the Muslim Brotherhood and they have made their declarations of their plans publicly. So, we have ample evidence to recognize that this is an old threat, this is an old war," he said.
 Back to Kenneth Blackwell:
When an election was held in Gaza, the residents there voted against Abbas's Fatah crowd and for the openly terrorist Hamas. Hamas regularly sends missiles into Israel from their Gaza fortress. World media blasted the Israelis for alleged attacks on hospitals in Gaza during a recent incursion, but Hamas routinely stores missiles in hospitals and uses ambulances to transport them. So much for "humanitarian.". . .

Leopards don't change their spots. Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party emblem proves it: All of Israel disappears in the map it shows of the Mideast -- not just the West Bank, not just Gaza. When Vice President Biden stumps for a "contiguous" Palestinian state, he plays right into Fatah's hands.

Today, Palestinian media continue uninterruptedly to spew the most hateful caricatures of Jews. And Palestinian children continue to be indoctrinated in all their schools with hatred of Israel and all Jews. Only now, Americans are footing the bill.
In my opinion, the gradual abandonment of Israel first by Europe, and now by the U.S. under the Obama administration, is a shameless measure of the West's (dependence on Arab oil and) willful ignorance of the true meaning of the drama of cultural annihilation now being played out right in front of our eyes. No litany of Tel Aviv's ill-advised or putatively repressive responses to those committed to Israel's annihilation can justify the West's betrayal. The West today seems as willing to trade Israel for peace as it is to advise Israel to trade land for peace; the former is simply the craven extension of the latter, and it is just as certain to fail to bring peace. 

On this issue, as on the abortion issue, our descendants will ask: Where were you when this was taking place? Did no one recognize what was happening? Our current excuses will do little to exonerate us.

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