Sunday, March 21, 2010

This just in from Charmaine Yoest

Dear Friend of Life,

I am writing to you from inside the US Capitol building. And I wanted to give you an update and also tell you about a special last-minute need for action.

Tension is high here in the buildup to tonight's vote. As I write I can hear protestors outside. You may have heard the news reports that some pro-life Members of Congress are being offered a “deal” from the White House on health care reform legislation. That is true. In exchange for a “yes” vote on this bill, President Obama promises to issue an executive order that he claims will address our concerns about taxpayer funding for abortion.

Let me be clear, this will not prevent taxpayer-funded abortion.

Here is a statement I made to members of the press.
Here is detailed legal analysis from Senior AUL Action attorney Bill Saunders from today’s Washington Examiner.
Bill is a friend of mine with whom I will have dinner on Tuesday in Washington. He and Americans United for Life have played an absolutely critical role in championing the cause of life in the face of great and powerful opposition and one gimmick and ruse after another from the administration and the House leadership. If you want to know what is actually taking place in Washington on the life issues, AUL is a reliable place to turn and a good cause to support.

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