Saturday, March 13, 2010

"They will stop at nothing."

Today, a far left pro-abortion group that calls itself a “Catholics in Alliance For the Common Good” published a dishonest letter that suggested that a Catholic organization backed the democrat’s pro-abortion takeover of the health care industry. This supposed Catholic group is a who’s who of far left radicals. The group includes non-Catholic leftists and even has non-Catholic pro-abortion democrat Hillary Clinton listed as one of its leaders.

They Will Stop At Nothing–
So says Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit. Hoft's exasperation -- like mine on occasion -- causes him to speak in something less than serene equanimity, but -- given the gravity of the present situation -- it's hard to fault him for that. But I pass along his post for another reason:

Since I am on the advisory board of an organization whose solid reputation among faithful Catholics the faux-Catholic front group is exploiting, let me remind my friends that Catholics for the Common Good, in sharp contrast with "Catholics (?) in Alliance for the Common Good," is an unquestionably faithful Catholic organization. CCG is committed not only to the Church's social teachings, but fully cognizant of the moral priorities on which these teachings depend, with the right to life of the unborn innocent at the very top of the list, outweighing all other moral concerns in importance. Second to this concern for the innocent unborn is the concern for the sanctity of marriage. The "Catholics in Alliance ..." is in alliance with abortion-promoting forces that now appear to own the Democratic party lock, stock, and barrel, with whom the president is in lockstep ideological agreement.

Not so Catholics for the Common Good, an organization which deserves your attention and could use your help.

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