Monday, March 08, 2010

Classic example . . .

If you want an example of how obtuse the mainstream media can be, here it is. Diana West is not only courageous and extremely well-informed, but she is gracious and articulate. Nonetheless, the interviewer seems utterly incapable of hearing an argument -- however logical it is presented -- that is contrary to her preconceived and ideologically fixated positions.


Gordon said...

You’ve got to give the interviewer credit for her skill in resisting all but most shallow and politically correct ideas. She guards her mind from depth like an Olympic goalie protects the net. Did you notice West unable to hold back laughter when the interviewer called it “nit-picky” to question Sharia’s importation of intolerance and sexual inequality?

Athos said...

The question, for me at least, is how conscious is the interviewer? Is it a careful, conscious PC minefield exercise, or simply "channeling" the spirit of the age? IS it guarding "her mind from depth," or a lack of grace-filled light?

I mean, I was there, surfing the multicultural wave with the best of them (in my Jung and the Restless days).

Can the Paraklete penetrate the understanding of those who have a similar "governor" on their perceptivity, as happened to St. Paul on the road to Damascus?

Gordon said...


I'm glad you put it in those terms. No doubt the interviewer was reality averse, but without the Spirit's guidance we are all reality averse. At least until we knocked off our horse.

What fascinates me about this parade that Gil has set before us lately is their uniformity over a cluster of issues: Planned Economy (health care and Climate Change are just ways to justify that), Multiculturalism, and Abortion joined as a seamless garment. There was a time when the divide between the parties was largely arbitrary; lately, it seems stark, culture of life versus the culture of death.