Friday, March 05, 2010

Americans United for Life


Robert Mooney said...


I sent you the text of the Senate Health Care bill related to abortion coverage clearly showing that it prohibits federal tax dollar funded abortion. That language was in the Senate bill since well before Dec. 24 passage. Yet you again post a video which clearly lies about what that bill contains. Abortion is such a serious subject that it is a real shame to lie about it.

What we need to worry about is the additional language they, as I understand it, intend to pass to include some Republican ideas. They could put abortion funding in there, but not likely since it has to pass both houses.

Do you watch these videos before you post them?

Gordon said...

Hey you,

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich) also contend that the Senate Bill creates a structure (no, it's not going to say it directly) that de facto leads tax funded abortions. Perhaps you should e-mail all of them copies of whatever you sent Gil. Clearly they need you to school them.

Robert Mooney said...

Too many people have blindly accepted what politicians on both sides have put out as facts. Some Republicans say the Senate bill will make federal funds pay for abortions. Some Democrats, notably Nancy Pelosi, God save us from her, put out strong implications with sneaky language that suggests strongly that the Senate bill will allow federal funds pay for abortions. When did we forget to quit trusting politicians? Especially those with a vested interest, e.g. get more of that party reelected or get more votes for or against the bill.

Even more disturbing is that Gil has not breathed a word on this blog as far as I know of correction regarding the misleading videos and posts on this issue, including this one. In his email reply to me he conceded that the bill indeed does not allow federal funds to be used for abortion coverage.

And my name isn't Hey You. I'm damned if I know how that came up this time. I logged into my google account as me. I don't know Hey You's password. Of course, this is not the first time technology has defeated me.

Robert Mooney usually as robare on here as far as I remember.