Friday, February 05, 2010

Dearborn, Michigan

Within a few minutes of posting the blog post just below this one, this video from Sunlit Uplands appeared in the queue of my blog subscriptions.

Judge for yourself.

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Athos said...

This video shows the slick, systematic use of modern technology to perpetuate an us vs. them mentality among the "civilian" dressed (jeans, b-ball jersey, backward baseball cap - both male and female) Scimitar youth.

It's as though Simon in Golding's LOTF carried a camera into a Celebrate the Scimitar day at Dearborn, or Pentheus going to observe the μαινάδη - the meanads.

Were the intrepid reporter and camera-operator aware of the anthropological danger?

Simons and Pentheuses tend to come to sticky endings.