Friday, January 22, 2010

Robbie George

Here's the take-home line (one of them) from Robbie George's fine talk tonight at the March for Life Rose Dinner:

"When people ask me if I want to make abortion unlawful, I tell them that I want to make it unthinkable."


Rick said...

Maybe we've been too easy on our use of language. Too clinical. When the issue is not just the clinical aspect.
For example, abortion, the word, is also used in good ways and for other "procedures" such as, aborting a bad aircraft landing, a mission that is about to go badly. Same with "pro life". Every normal, healthy, well balanced person is pro life. However, the problem is we mean to be talking about the killing that is going on. And even "killing" is not the most precise word for my point. This is the "unthinkable" that we are not thinking. Calling a pre-person a fetus is correct, but that is not all our baby is. Calling her a fetus devalues the baby by leaving out the "who". Accepting the language is accepting the premise. I believe this is the sword Jesus spoke about when he said he did not come to bring peace.
People will reject murder but accept fetus. Can you murder a fetus?

Mizz E said...

Amen Rick.

Dateline: January 25, 2010
Mugged by Ultrasound | The Weekly Standard

Quicken our conscience, Lord.

Mizz E said...

Also, I just finished reading this timely review of the history of Roe v. Wade @ FPR, The Lost Children.
Some facts I did not know: "The eugenicists were largely Republican in politics, including the Rockefeller family.  Six of the seven justices who voted for Roe and Doe were Republicans."