Thursday, December 31, 2009

News: Fox raids the Chicken Coop

While the pom-pom media were sitting on the eggs they laid in 2008, hoping they would not hatch, some did and were dutifully ignored. Had it not been for the blogosphere and the dreaded "conservative" outlets, these stories would have been left for historians to unearth. If you want to know why the mainstream media is hemorrhaging readers and viewers, here is a short list of stories they chose to sit on. Once other outlets broke these stories, the mainstream responded by mocking them.

Kevin Jennings

Popular Resistance

Global Warming "Science"

The "science czar"


"Green Jobs" -- Van Jones

Go here for the rogues gallery of ignored stories.


Dave Evans said...

Gil - is Fox always this incompetent? I followed the climategate emails link and of the first four points they make totally wrong assertions on 2 of them - arguably 3. This is not because I believe the climate alarmists justifications but because I can read for comprehension. The errors are obvious to anyone who has read the original emails.

There may be some serious issues that arise out of Climategate, but one thing is for sure they need to be investigated and reported by people who have a basic understanding of language and maths. (Someone who understands when scientists are talking about the decline in tree ring data not global temperatures!)

Gil - I used to think you just downplayed when the conservatives got things wildly wrong because you thought they were right on the big issues. Now I am beginnning to think that you don't realise just how big the whoppers are that they are peddling, indeed that they make any mistakes at all.

Doughlas Remy said...

I am dedicating an article I just published a short while ago to all the good folks at "Reflections..."

It is called "The Mountain of Evidence Outside My Window," and you will find it here.