Monday, December 07, 2009

Gaming the legal system for Jihad

In what I have written and in many of the talks I have given, I have argued that the contemporary politically correct extension of St. Paul's "sin takes advantage of the law" is that sin takes advantage of the Gospel. The key to its success in this regard is the sentimentality of western liberalism and the cynicism of ideological fanaticism, foreign or domestic. In this case, it is the cynical, Qur'an endorsed manipulation of western principles and western institutions. Such things only succeed when westerners themselves allow themselves to be played for dupes. This administration seems so eager to oblige that one can hardly avoid the suspicion that it, too, is doing so for cynical reasons.

The hearing is today. All eyes are on Copenhagen, but these young men deserve a little attention as well.

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Kevin said...

I can find no independent corroboration of this story. It appears that Fox alone is reporting this and other outlets are picking it up.

I'll keep looking.
Ad Astra Per Aspera,