Thursday, November 19, 2009

As expected . . .

From Americans United for Life:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last night unveiled a health care bill which provides for an unprecedented expansion of federally-funded abortion. The bill includes pro-abortion language and mirrors the false compromise Capps Amendment from the House debate — it allows the public option to include abortion coverage and provides federal subsidies for private plans which cover abortion.

The principle behind both the Hyde Amendment and the Stupak-Pitts Amendment is that taxpayer dollars do not pay for abortions or subsidize insurance plans that cover abortions. In the new Senate bill, the abortion language revealed on pages 116 through 124 in Senator Reid’s new health care bill will:

  • Require a plan that covers abortion in every insurance market.
  • Allow the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services to require coverage of any and all abortions through the public option.
  • Create new tax-funded subsidies to purchase private health plans that will cover abortion.

For all the details go here.


Rick said...

That's a lot of "requires".
What happened to all the pro-choice talk?

Rick F.

Mark Gordon said...

I suppose Kevin will be along to tell how terrified he is that the high priestesses at NARAL Pro-Choice America may be exerting undue influence on our legislative process.