Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Good poets borrow, wrote T. S. Eliot, great poets steal. Well, lazy bloggers steal, too.

My old friend "Athos" has a blog quote so ripe and low hanging that I stole it quicker than Augustine stole the famous pears, but, unlike Augustine, who didn't even care for the pears, I really love this quote, however inadequately I sometimes live up to it. For that failure, I have a firm purpose of amendment.
Every Catholic is to some extent a marked man; in the casual contacts of daily life he is bearing witness, or failing to bear witness, to Jesus Christ ... the point is, not so much that we ought to be better Catholics, but that we ought to be better Christians. That we should be lovers of the truth, fair-minded, ready to believe the best of people, impatient of scandal, considerate towards the unbefriended, generous in our enthusiasms, temperate in our pleasures, discreet in our friendships, that we should have a smile for everybody - in a word, that we should live in the sunlight of that creed which we profess. -- Monsignor Ronald Knox
Thanks Athos.

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