Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Merely Technological "Civilization"

A merely “technological and bureaucratic civilization” – which is what Western Culture becomes without Christianity – will not long remain civilized. First it’s civility and then its dedication to the human dignity of each person will erode and finally succumb to forms of barbarism from which Christianity slowly liberated the pagan world, forms of barbarism made incalculably more destructive by technologies no longer constrained by Christian moral imperatives.


matt tavares said...

It is quite interesting to see this god of technology emerging, as you've mentioned previously. My generation seems to think we can solve all the world's problems with gadgets and web pages. Additionally, and perhaps more subtly, is the tendency for us to fill the God void with technology.

I recently read a passage by Matthew Kelly, which said

"Our culture tries desperately to convince us, with the full force of advertising and the media, of the myth that fun, excitement, pleasure, and the constant purchasing of possessions will free us from this desperation. But in truth, these things only mask the problem, making us feel the desperation ever more deeply".

It is interesting to think about approximations used to form our models in both science and engineering. With the emerging faith of technology, I'm just not sure that most people understand that this faith lays on approximations and human formulations. We must remember that we are in the box trying to study what created the box.

Tamquam said...

You got that right.