Monday, March 30, 2009

Following Europe into Crisis

You are probably already among the over one million people who have viewed this video. In case you missed it, however, here it is, a voice of sanity on the other side of the Atlantic. Below the video are the remarks of Victor Davis Hanson on a topic of related interest.

Apropos of which, this from Victor Davis Hanson:
I don’t know quite what the allure of Europe is for the American Left. But it seems to be that more of us will soon all be working for the government, habitually striking, hunting out that rare capitalist in hiding for a shake-down, and bitching over our weary 35 hr. work week.

Yet without hardship, challenge, and hope, the individual dies daily. Once the government ensures that all your needs will be taken care of, from your teeth and joints to job and retirement, ennui sets in, and with it the cargo we see in Europe—pacifism, cynicism, the loss of transcendence marked by atheism and childlessness, and worry about what others have rather than what you aspire to. . . .

So strange (or not so strange, after all?) that the liberal impulse in postwar Europe led to millions living in nearly identical houses and apartments, driving the same sort of cars, thinking about the same (their parties are like the feuds and squabbles among the Democratic Party here at home), and exuding the identical teen-age petulance when events belie the gospel.

We can see what Europeanization leads to: you worship at the altar of the goddess Pax, but hate the United States for still having a military that saves postmodern you from premodern others. You praise diversity, but are terrified of unassimilated Middle East Muslims thriving in your midst, who unlike you, really do believe in something and it’s not Western liberalism. You praise openness and tolerance, but demonize anyone who questions orthodoxy, whether it be global warming or the efficacy of state redistribution. . . .

Europeanization is so at odds with human nature that it bifurcates it—a false public face, a cynical private one. (I used to love living in Greece, going to the beach in the summer as a student and seeing all these socialist public power, phone, water, bank, etc., vans parked as their left-wing employees “got away” for some downtime around 2 PM—or being told I could hire a public worker after hours for cash for a phone installation rather than wait 9 months on “the list”.) Marxist at the day-job, conniving entrepreneur in the night hours.

It seems that in just 60 days we are heading that way—fast. These gargantuan deficits will require the most insidious taxes (on everything, as in the age of Augustus) we have yet witnessed, to make up the soon to be $20 trillion national debt. Universal health care, college for everyone, government jobs will mean a vast array of technocrati and less-skilled overseers and guardians. Less defense, higher taxes, more social spending, bigger government will expand the public sector to such a degree that to dismantle it will result in the sort of European mass protests and strikes we see daily in Greece or France when a poor fool like Sarkozy thinks it could be1950 again, and wants to head-off pension insolvency, or bring back a 40 hour work week to the subway drivers.
Hanson's full remarks are here.


BlueCoat said...

What is to be done? Is there any hope?

I am very pessimistic about the future prospects of America.

Obama is the worst possible President. Pelosi and Reid the worst possible Congressional leaders. The Congress itself the worst possible Congress.

I say "worst possible" because beneath the level where they are I don't think there really would be something we could call an "American" President or Congress. The current ones may not reach that level even now.

But worse than that is the very sad fact that over 50m people voted for Obama, and before that elected the Dem Congress.

This is a disaster all around.

It is worse than my worst nightmare about it so far. It was only Day 2 - 24 hours after all the dancing and parties - and he signed off on the so-called "USA" aborting babies internationally now.

What do we do? There once was a group of Germans who voted in Hitler and the Nazis. There were once Italians who voted in Mussolini. History judges those voters now as evil people who deserved the destruction they got.

Our 50m deserve the same thing. And when they get, we all get it.

What do we do?

Kevin said...

Please tell me where was this angst and probity when we were racking up debts under Reagan, Bush the Elder and W? Where was the concern for those murdered directly by our bombs and guns when we attacked a defenseless nation for no reason but to control their oil? Where was the outrage when we decided to shred the constitution and to torture fellow human beings.

Perhaps it is time to ask how we got here and who is truly responsible for the mess which now must be cleaned up.

Ad Astra Per Aspera,