Thursday, March 12, 2009

5-day-olds vs. 50-year-olds

On the First Things Blog, Nathaniel Peters reviews an article on Slate by William Saletan, and he concludes it with a comment and a quotation from Saletan's article that sums up beautifully the embryonic stem-cell issue. Here's Peters' comment, followed by Saletan's.
At one time, liberal principles claimed to defend the weaker party against the interests of the strong. Not so today. As Saletan concludes,
The stem-cell fight wasn’t a fight between ideology and science. It was a fight between 5-day-olds and 50-year-olds. The 50-year-olds won. The question now is what to do with our 5-day-olds, our 5-week-olds, and our increasingly useful parts.

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Jeff Wild said...

In a New York Times editorial they write, "Mr. Obama also pledged on Monday to base his administration’s policy decisions on sound science, undistorted by politics or ideology."

It amazes me that they can write this without recognizing their own "politics and ideology." It must be wonderful to be able to view the world and decisions purely without interpretation, but only the facts on their side!!

They simply can't see their own ideolgy.