Thursday, January 22, 2009

And, oh by the way . . .

After the all culinary talk in early posts about me and humble pie, it occurs to me that exactly none of those who supported Mr. Obama after either underestimating his commitment to an across the board abortion on demand ideology or subordinating the abortion issue to this or that item purportedly higher on the moral agenda -- precisely none of those folks have offered to eat humble pie if their rosy predictions prove unfounded.

To mix culinary metaphors: what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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Dennis said...

Mr. Bailie,

I apologise if my previous post seemed to imply that I thought you were already willing to kowtow and eat humble pie with regard to Obama. I understood that you were saying you hoped to be able to do so in the future if he had a wholesale change of heart, particularly abortion and other life issues, and that in such a case you would gladly eat humble pie. My post was more directed toward those pundits, officials, etc. who opposed Obama's election, but who appear to lack any such lack such a qualifying condition to their easy talk of "wishing Obama well and hoping he succeeds" (without defining what "doing well" and "success" means in actual policy terms, particularly what Obama and the Democrat party would define as doing well and succedding), and claims that "we all need to get behind him, because he's our President too, etc." (as if there should be no opposition at all to Obama on policy grounds).

Already, a mere three days into his administration, we see what Obama's true priorities are; despite empty campaign rhetoric about being post-ideological, pragmatic, willing to "work across the aisle" with people he disagrees with, etc., it is clear that his priorities on abortion and life issues are extremist,(not surprisingly given his past record, which so many in the media and even in the lackluster GOP failed to really analyse last year) highly partisan, highly ideological, and needlessly provocative of those "across the aisle" whom he claims to respect and want to work with. Is this what so many who opposed his election in the first place have had in mind in recent weeks when wishing him well and hoping he succeeds? Did they really think he would be the post-partisan, non-ideological, pragmatist he claimed to be during the elcection? Did they not know that extremist move on abortion would be the kind of policy he would certainly undertake? If so, on what grounds did anyone ever think it possible to truly wish him well and wish him success in his undeavours?

By today's action, Obama has, by fiat, once again forced all taxpayers into funding abortions worldwide. This is nothing less than a manifest evil. It sickens me to see the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, et al., smiling and gloating as if making all US taxpayers (whose money is extracted by force under threat of civil and criminal penalties) participants in funding abortions is some great victory for human rights. It is simply sick. This country and its government are utterly sick, and apparently beyond repair; and by this action today Obama has more firmly alligned himself (and coecred every US taxpayer into complicity) with the forces of evil, dedicated to serving that true god of modern America - Moloch. I regret that I don't have the independent financial means necessary to simply quit this nation and my career, renounce my citizenship, and retreat to some desert island tax haven where I will no longer be forced to fund worldwide abortuaries because of the mere fact of having been born here and having to make a living (and thus be taxed) in order to survive.

Like the Roman Empire in its decadence, the government of the United States is no longer worthy of the allegiance of free people of conscience. The United States government has long since abandoned every fundamental moral and political principle upon which it was founded, and there appears to be no hope of genuine reform or a return to those principles; our only hope lies in wishing for the speedy and absolute collapse of this morally depraved government, and, to the best of one's ability, to refrain from any voluntary actions that imply giving assent to this regime. Until that happy collapse occurs, this government and its people, while paying lip-service to Judeo-Christian pieties and morals, will continue feeding the furnaces of Moloch with millions of unborn children, and making us all complicit in feeding those flames.

Speaking of eating humble pie, are those (even many on teh Right) who were outraged by the 1996 First Things symposium on the "End of Democracy," willing yet to concede that the late great Fr. Neuhaus and the other contributors were not only right then, but that their arguments are even more relevant and pressing than ever?