Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nostalgia for Thanksgiving

I recently pulled one of Hans Urs von Balthasar's books off the shelf to get the citation for a quote I had taken from the book. It was Vol. I of Theo-Drama as it happens. The cover of the book dropped open revealing Liz's signature, for the book was as gift from her. I am in my little cottage in the country at the moment, and there is no one here with whom to share it, so I decided to share it with whomever might pass this way, as apparently you just did. All the better if the visitor knew Liz, who was and is the light of my life.

Liz's inscription in the book she gave me is a typical example of her elegant penmanship. The brain tumor that took her life was in the area of brain controlling language. So as the tumor progressed, Liz lost the ability to speak and to write.

Just as I was surprised to stumble upon the inscription in the book, so a few weeks after Liz's death I found a scrap of paper on which she had scribbled what were very likely the last words she ever wrote. They were from the heart of a woman for whom the Eucharist was the source and center of her life.

These are blessings for which I am immeasurably thankful this Thanksgiving, as I am for all the incomparable blessings I receive from my children and grandchildren and friends.


Nellie said...

How beautiful.

Kevin said...

Thanks to you for sharing this. And thank you for reminding me for what we should truly give thanks. Thanks be to God that he so loved the world that he gave his only Son to save us.
Ad Astra Per Aspera,

Mark Gordon said...

Oh, Gil. Thanks so much for this, and for everything you've meant to my life. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Athos said...

I second Mark's motion, Gil. In these short, darkening days, your work and friendship lend a brightness to my life and our world.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this very deep and touching moment. I'm sorry I never knew Liz. She sounds like a beautiful gift in the lives of those who had the privilege of knowing her. May you continue to find comfort, healing and joy in the memory of all Liz meant and will always mean in your life.