Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Funniest Journalist We Have . . .

Mark Steyn is the funniest journalist writing today.

This from his most recent:
Until this here Hollywood writers' strike came along, I had no idea so much of television was scripted. One charitably assumed it was the way it was because they were winging it. But across late-night the fastest wits in the West have fallen silent, apparently unable to produce a snide Dick Cheney crack without armies of accredited highly trained professionals. I haven't checked the Weather Channel lately but it wouldn't surprise me to find their photogenic meteorologists standing slack-jawed in front of maps of the Midwest, unable to decide whether to go for a high of 70 with a 25 percent chance of precipitation or vice-versa.
As I said earlier, I met Steyn briefly at a conference on the fate of Europe last summer, and he seems solid to me. Few manage to be both as well-informed and as funny as he is.

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