Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dying Daily . . .

Posting from the Notre Dame conference on "The Dialogue of Cultures," and with apologies for how rarely I have been able to post during the Emmaus Road Initiative sessions.

Writes Fr. Robert Sokolowski, professor of philosophy at The Catholic University of America, in the Eucharist we:
. . . anticipate our own death as to be joined to the death of Jesus. Our death becomes part of the divine mystery, part of the great saving action of God, because it can be identified with the sacrificial death of Christ. Even if our death is not to be especially heroic or memorable in the eyes of the world, it can become sanctified through the death of Jesus, through the action that he performed before the Father when he let himself be put to death. The celebrations of the Eucharist at which we assist are like so many rehearsals of the one transition, the one exodus that is reserved for each of us, the one offering in which we no longer sacramentally but bodily participate in the death of the Lord.

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