Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two Weblogs?

The Emmaus Road Initiative programs begin this weekend, and we have decided to create a separate weblog for the sole purpose of communicating with those who are taking part in the program.

Since I will be making connections every month in Chicago, Denver, and Washington, DC, it is possible that at some point I may need to post a last-minute notice about a schedule change -- due to weather-related or airline cancellations. We have set the weblog up so that, if necessary, I can post to it from my cell phone. (I imagine being stranded at O'Hare airport with little to do but peck out text messages about being snow bound.)

Anyway, take a look at the new weblog. It's here.

This weblog will continue to be the one to which I post occasional reflections, but given my upcoming travel schedule, the postings will likely be somewhat less frequent.

Thanks for keeping us on your radar.

My best,


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